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A Land of Diverse Scenery

Zimbabwe has a large number of attractions, incredibly diverse cultures, rich wildlife, and incredibly friendly people. The most renowned fascination in Zimbabwe is the Victoria Falls, a World Heritage Site which forms the largest sheet of falling water in the world. Zimbabwe is far beyond Victoria Falls: it is one of Southern Africa’s finest game safari destinations. The national parks are truly different, displaying a portion of Africa’s best-untamed wildlife.

Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe’s largest park and home to huge herds of elephants, it additionally contains the absolute most assorted birds on the planet, with more than 420 species being recorded. With some World Heritage-listed ruins, Zimbabwe has several fascinating historical attractions and impressive traditional and contemporary arts that must be visited.

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Facts About Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls Icon Victoria Falls in one of the Natural Wonders of the World and is 108m (354 feet) high.
Fish Icon Located on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, Lake Kariba is the world's largest man-made lake.
Giraffe Icon Hwange National Park has an area 14,651km² (5,656mi²) and is Zimbabwe's largest park.
Mbira Icon The mbira is a wooden instrument with metal keys and has been played in Zimbabwe for over 1000 years.

Our Journeys Through Zimbabwe

A journey through Zimbabwe is filled with stunning scenery and offers great wild life sightings. Pick a tour that shows you their rich diversity and  experience the infectious warmth of Zimbabwe’s vibrant cultures.

  • Victoria Falls and Hwange

    7 days

    Victoria Falls to Victoria Falls

    Hwange National Park

  • Wallow Lodge

    4 days

    Victoria Falls National Park

    Victoria Falls National Park

  • Elephant Camp

    4 days

    Victoria Falls

    Victoria Falls

Zimbabwe’s Bucket List Activities

For those who have adventure travel on their bucket list, Zimbabwe is the perfect country to allow you to start ticking off your list. From white-water rafting to helicopter flips over the falls, Zimbabwe has it all. We have selected our favourite activities for you below.

Take a sunset cruise on the Zambezi Royal

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Zambezi River on a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River.

Game drive in Hwange, Africa’s largest elephant sanctuary

See the largest elephants in Africa at the Hwange National Park.

White-water rafting on Zambezi River

White-water rafting on the Zambezi River is considered one of the best in the world.

Have lunch at the Lookout Café in Vic Falls

The Lookout Café offers world-class food, breathtaking views of the gorges and the Zambezi River, and so much more.

Zimbabwe’s Highlights

Victoria Falls

A stunning sight of beauty and grandeur, Victoria Falls is a spectacular sight on the Zambezi River, dividing Zambia from Zimbabwe.

Hwange National Park

Hwange is the largest and most diverse national park in Africa. Some of the largest elephant herds in Africa are found here, as well as lions, leopards, rhinoceros, and buffalo.

Lake Kariba

Take advantage of the stunning views, breathtaking sunsets, great fishing, boating, water sports, and wonderful relaxation that Lake Kariba has to offer.

Matobo National Park

There is no doubt that Motobo National Park is a piece of Africa that is truly enchanting, with its rolling hills, thick bush, granite rock formations, and plenty of wildlife.

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