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Timothy Muganda

Timothy holds a Diploma in Tour Guiding and is fluent in the German language. For 14 years and counting, he has successfully guided tours in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Despite having been in the industry for this long, he finds every game drive to be a new and exciting experience and relishes getting to meet new people from different nationalities, beliefs and mannerisms.

Yonas Katembo

Yona Katembo

Yona has previously worked with the Uganda Wildlife Authority as a chimpanzee research assistant in Kibale National Park. Yona is a general guide, who guides international and domestic tourists in the following areas: Wildlife, culture tourism, religious tourism, and antiquities.

Wolfgang Mrosso

Wolfgang is a Professional Tour Guide, currently working in Tanzania. He started his career as a Secondary school teacher until he found out what his real passion was after he joined Tourism. He has been in the industry for 14 years as a guide with his passion still burning as it did when he began. Interacting with his clients gives him great joy and satisfaction.

Herunga Ngwapia

Herunga Ngwapia

Herunga has a vast knowledge of the desert habitat, with detailed experience of the Kaokoland and Damaraland. Extensive general knowledge of Namibia and eagerness for acquisition of expert skills drives him to perfecting his guiding and service levels, sharing the passion with each guest traveling with him.

Hitjivirue Pagge Bruce Tjihuro

Hitjivirue enjoys sharing the Namibian stories that reflect his cultural background. When he saw the opportunity to join the guide academy at Sense of Africa he immediately grabbed the chance to share his passion of guiding on a national platform. “I fell in love with Nature and Tourism at a young age, this passion led me to join what I think is the best inbound tour operator in the country”.

Kenneth Uraavi

Keneth Uraavi

I have learned the guiding art in the rural areas of Kaokoland and Erindi. I am passionate about sharing my cultural background and that of the Himba traditions. Guiding comes naturally to me and knowing the Kaokoland like the palm of my hand makes it easy.

Nathan Nevonga

Nathan Nevonga

Nathan approaches guiding in a professional and service orientated manner, using his knowledge of fauna and flora gained from field training at some of the most renowned conservation institutions in Namibia. He suggests all visitors should experience the Okavango Region because of the different bird species and perennial rivers filled with wildlife in and around the water.

Selvanus Silver Uri-Khob

Selvanus is a young and ambitious guide with in-depth knowledge of the Namib Desert. With his knowledge of the various Namibian cultural aspects, he is able to transmit this information in an authentic manner to his guests. “Meeting new people from all walks of life, learning about their world and teaching them about mine is what I like the most about my profession.”

Panda Ashipala

Panda started his guiding path with Offroad Tours and Safaris before joining Wolwedans, where he quickly realized that guiding is a profession that he would like to follow, but at a wider scope. He thus joined Sense of Africa ‘s Guiding Academy. “With my heart and passion being service delivery and the conveyance of my knowledge, love and respect of Namibia’s culture and diverse beauty, I welcome all guests to join in exploring this unforgettable destination with me.”

Charity Bila

If you are looking for someone who can greet you in 10 different languages, then Charity is your guide! She can speak 9 of the local languages, as well as German. She was born in a town called Malamulele in Limpopo, but grew up in Soweto, in Gauteng. She loves South African traditional food, with her favourite being samp and tripe. “When you visit South Africa, make sure you are prepared for our hot sun with plenty of sunblock and don’t forget your hat!”

Senzeni Mtshali

Senzeni is from Soweto in Johannesburg. He can speak 3 languages: his home language, Zulu as well as English or German. “My favourite Africa dish is one that you must try while you are here – Amasi (sour milk) and Uputhu fine pap (maize meal). You can’t beat the flavours of the local food! My hobbies include gumboot dancing (this is a dance that was started in the mines) and acting – come on one of our storytelling tours to see me in action.”

Ulrich Seelbach

Ulrich Seelbach

Ulrich is a Joburger, born and raised. If you are looking for someone to bring the city (or any other part of South Africa) alive – he is your guy! “Storytelling is my passion and this country is certainly full of good stories. I can tell them to you in 3 languages – English, Afrikaans or German – and I am hoping to add Zulu to that list soon. In my own time, I have started to play the guitar, and I love to hike and go birding. When you pack, make sure to bring a pair of binoculars with you – they come in handy for more than just a safari.”

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