Our Pledge

All our trips include a donation towards vetted projects conserving our people, planet and wildlife.

We are responsible and accountable for the role we play in the countries in which we operate; economically, socially and environmentally. Our trips are put together taking into account the impact on the following areas:

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Sustainable Responsibility

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Economic Responsibility

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Environment Responsibility

Green Seat

Green seat is our commitment to improving our planet, people and wildlife footprint. With every trip booked we will contribute to the following initiatives. To witness these initiatives first hand, ask our consultants about visiting when in country.

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We value the essence of humanity in
everything we do and aim to improve people’s lives.


We are committed to treading lightly on this earth in our everyday actions.

Green Seat Wildlife


What would we be as an industry
without our precious natural
resources, including our wildlife.

Our Animal Welfare Practices

We support our preferred partners who share our belief in complying with sustainable animal welfare practices supported by recognised wildlife conservation standards.

  • Blood Lions

  • SATSA Animal Interaction
  • Fair Trade Tourism Animal Interaction

Creating Employment and Building Local Tour Guide Careers

Through Tourvest Destination Management’s Tour Guide Academy and learnership programme, we contribute to skills development and job creation, as well as to our family itself. We aim to make a lasting and measurable difference in the quality of people’s lives.

We activate this through community-based programs centered around education, sport and the promotion of basic human rights in all forms.

Our Guides
  • Guide-Academy Guide and Street Band
  • Guide-Academy Guide and Tourists
  • Guide-Academy Guide and Artist


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