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Experiential City Day Tours, With a Twist

Be guided by legends through Cape Town, Johannesburg, Soweto or Pretoria, on an untold story of South Africa. This beautiful land would not be what it is today without the legends who lay down their lives in sacrifice for it. It is these South African icons that the “Untold Stories” Day Tours serve to revere while giving visitors the chance to literally experience history through an immersive walk back in time.

Three story-telling day tours have been designed to transport travellers back in time. Each is representative of a pivotal stage in the evolution of South Africa’s history. Your guide has intimately studied and adopted every detail of their character, including their dialect, dress and life experience. From Jan van Riebeeck to Walter Sisulu, you have the opportunity to meet and engage with ‘the real thing’, and to get answers to questions never before posed.

Half Day Storytelling Tours

  • War and Peace

    4.5 hours


    Union Buildings

  • Amandla

    9 hours

    Johannesburg and Soweto

    Constitution Hill

  • Mother City

    4 hours

    Cape Town

    Castle of Good Hope

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